What is going on between the P-Noy and the PNP chief?

A possible suspension accepted or not


Recently there was a lot of news released about the chief director general of the national police in the Philippines and this is exactly why he has a right to speak out back and be able to defend him against the allegations that are going around about him. These so called allegations are about corruption and everyone is saying that Mr. Purisima needs to do better at following the rules of the laws and learn how to also accept an order of suspension from someone for what has happened. President Aquino is the one following this statement and believes that these procedures and processes are meant to be followed because it is otherwise mandated by the law and this is why we all need to follow them; think of thinks in the terms of the laws being guidelines for everyone being able to live a safe and comfortable life without having to worry so much about everything that is going on and or about everything that could happen because what if something that is going on now tend to go wrong and so many other factors are involved in this whole subject.

The President was more than willing to help him out even further by offering to provide him with a successor that was permanent; he believes that whatever is put into place by someone is not dependent on just one person. As of now Purisima has been given a suspension of six months for the corruption allegation of providing a courier service and contracting tons of deliveries of licenses for guns. Lawmakers have been trying to go head to head with Aquino to get him to come to a decision about what to do with Purisima but nothing else has really happened. Although he did make the point of the government going to be busy over the next year for everything that is going to be going on but mainly for two different and rather large events. These two really important events are Pope Francis coming to visit and a summit of the Asia and Pacific Economic Cooperation.

It was then said by Aquino that with all of the leadership experience and skills that are combined from all of other members that they would be able to experience changes mainly because certain key officials will no longer be used. It is said that with just a little bit more work and some more damage control that during the year of 2015 Purisima will be back up to a positive overall rating of at least fifty six percent or higher. And even with all the results showing that things will turn around and make a change for the better, Drilon has a colleague who is claiming that it would simply just be better if Purisima decided to resign and leave everything be and have someone else clean up the so called mess or to at least transfer to someone else.


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