Trust ratings tend to fall dramatically recently

According to information that was recently released from a survey in Asia, Binay the Vice President was the only member out of five national government officials in which showed a fall in his ratings overall. For example back in September of the year of 2014 he showed that he had about sixty four percent of the trust from the Filipinos and then when the information was concluded again during the month of November in 2014 it fell to forty four percent.  This is weird since he is at a national level and his ratings for trust and his work went up but his ratings for distrust and disapproval went down. These results happened at the same time in a variety of locations. The main reason for the massive indecision was due to him having a un-uniformed respect for the way he presented himself or the work he did.

However the teat back in November was taken after he did not show up to a committee hearing that was meant to talk about the allegations of corruption that are against. So peoples responses at that time were not level headed or concise. The same goes for the other test which was taken after Binay did not go to a debate with another senator in which was going to discuss how the city hall building in Makati was overpriced.

Based on these same tests and results it shows Aquino was the number one and most trust worthy government official from the same five. He came out on top with trust and approval ratings of between fifty five and fifty nine percent; although he did also post the lowest ratings when it came to the category of distrust and disapproval. Across all over and all classes of people he ranked the highest and in second place was Drilon and then Belmonte.

Drilon had a positive overall rating of forty seven percent which increased from the original thirty nine percent and Belmonte finished in third place with an overall rating of forty two percent which was also up from an original twenty seven percent. In fourth place was Sereno, and even though they had the highest rate of approval from the court of fifty one percent, everywhere else they failed miserably; showing that that they barely made a move in the right direction stating with an overall rating of thirty four percent and ending at a thirty seven percent.

Based on these results it is well known that the Supreme Court is a very important and key government establishment. And Sereno may have received the lowest ratings but her place of work did do better than all others; it especially did better than the House of Representatives. Just like even though Binay suffers a rather large drop in the ratings of approval he still sees an improvement in the overall ratings of other things and these numbers are what shows he does make a positive impact on society even though everything done is not right.


trust ratings fall

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