There was a major jail raid in the Philippines

Tons of drugs and a lot of different strip bars were uncovered


Recently there was a raid within the Philippines that took place at the largest jail. In this raid there were a lot of drug lords that were exposed. Turns out when they were supposed to be in jail they had luxury cells and they were living like they were on top of the world. They even had sex dolls, a Jacuzzi, some strip bars methamphetamines and more.

The police officers that participated in this raid were dressed in complete armor in which was bullet proof and they even brought out their tracker dogs to use. They searched every inch of the complex and by the end of the night there were several reports that were about different drug rings that were going on and were being run all from behind bars.  Not only did the police officers who participated in this raid find methamphetamines but they also found more than one hundred and four million in pesos which is about thirty one thousand in cash but they also found sex dolls that were inflatable a strip bar with a Jacuzzi and they had several villas and or cells that were equipped with air conditioners; to be more specific over twenty were counted.

Each room had its own form of betrayal, one had a sex doll that was on the bed and another bed had a stage like are with a disco ball and strobe lights. It was meant for strippers that were smuggled into the jail and next to the stage was a bright blue bra that was covered in feathers; the girls would use it while they put on a show. Another room has a flat screen TV, keyboards, a drum set and guitars. There was also a bedroom that had a safe in it in which contained several Rolex watches, several patek Philippe watches, stacks and stacks of dollar bills, and a ton of different Louis Vuitton wallets. A bathroom was also found that had tiles made of marble, showers that actually had hot water and there was a flat screen television next to a bathtub. There was also a massive amount of high end whiskey found hidden in one room.

These rooms were used by those inmates who were the drug lords; they were also used by men who were deemed as kidnap gang leaders and several other inmates who were rather powerful. Once all of this was found several reports were made were the inmates who were rich bribed the authority figures of the prison in order to get what they wanted. For example it was how several of the buildings were built and how some prisoners were able to leave jail; these prisoners made bribes that allowed them to leave the jail and be in public places several times over the last few years. This situation was a perfect example of what corruption can look like in the government. It was a division of the rich and the poor amongst the prisoners and the lower end were all crammed in tiny cells.

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