The US gives a grant to those who are successful in a corruption fight

The Philippines are the ones who got the grant


It was recently noted the Philippines is now eligible for a five year grant, it is one from the United States and it is known to provide aids to places like the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which got a grant worth four hundred and thirty four million dollars in the year of 2011. This grant that they just got is for helping to stop the poverty by providing programs to and for alleviation of poverty. This grant being given to them again shows strong connections to a policy reform and that it works because there have been a lot of progress and there will be a lot more to come still. All of this and more is listed under the compact that they have in which is current and it also strongly influences for corruption to be ended.

It was rewarded to the Philippines because they were able to show that they were committed to making the changes needed for improving and this included things like the democratic governance, economic freedom, and investments in other people and more, all of which were kept track of by the rules and regulations already written out in the policy. All of this is determined by those who are on the board of MCC’s and right now this board consists of the United States secretary of the treasury, the United States trade representative, the United States AID administrator, the United States secretary of state and four others. This was first signed back in the year of 2010 and it helped to expand the department of social welfare and even helped to make the Bureau of Internal Revenue more modern and interesting.

The ambassador of the Philippines is using this grant to help the government with reforming a wide variety of programs. Having a second compact with them made for a really easy transition that went perfectly smooth. The ambassador of the Philippines also said that they were able to pass thirteen of the twenty requirements needed. Some of these were the ability to control corruption, help with immunization rates, having rules of law, the land rights and access and much more. All other countries have also mentioned how the Philippines have reached a big improvement and that they are better in control than what they were before.

The Philippines are not the only country in which received a new grant, Morocco, Liberia, Nepal, Benin, Mongolia, Tanzania, Lesotho, Niger and others were some of the other countries that got grants for reaching a variety of other goals. These countries mentioned above got the biggest of the grants and smaller grants that are also known as threshold programs were awarded to Guatemala, Cote d’lvoire and Sierra Leone. All of these aspects are trending topics and are all signs of new history being made right here and right now. This information has been available world-wide and it is something that everyone is talking about.

US grants anti corruption

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