The Philippines win more than five million

They won this from the situation of the slandering on Fraport


Almost everything lately has been looking up for the Philippines, for example just recently they were awarded a five million dollar grant for arbitration that was towards the Germans in Fraport and more. It was known as his countries second best airport terminal. However the facility had the construction delayed for over eighteen years because of corruption always overlapping.

Originally there seemed to be some bad mouthing towards the Philippines in the years of 2004 and 2008, as of to why it is not sure but it was well reported that it was due to Fraport having defamed the Philippines in front of the whole wide world. It was also noted that it seemed that their dignity was way much more important to the country than anything else. Some German officials even would say horrible things about Filipinos because of the said mistreatment of Fraport, It is well known that they have German stockholders in private that have sued their own government reps and or firms for malpractices in which were the cause of several losses of businesses. Fraport itself is owned the city of Frankfurt and the state of Hesse which is also the federal government.

It seems that they have been documented of a few bad things such as bribing certain Philippine officials. Contracting excavation works, doctoring the designs of construction phases and much more. In fact the same private stockholders have once charged their own government executives and other people with having corrupt foreign practices that resulted in a ton of Philippine officials being bribed. This entire scandal was a part of four different administrations. For example within the year of 1996 there was a Swiss challenge of original proponents that was a build to operate transfer and more.

Nothing ever happened for so long because there was no on to do anything about it until there was a new president who came in the year of  1998 and in the following year of 1999 he made a contract that was in favor of this and Piacto. And then finally during the year of 2000 Fraport allowed for construction to begin. By the year of 2003 the construction was deemed to be about ninety six percent complete and then someone else had to come in so the final four percent could be completed. So with that being said subcontracts were made and there was a combination of all accessibility and stability.

Even to this day the man who was the original general contractor is still working on this job and his main goal to see the whole project all the way through. All of the rehiring was done through the department of transport and there is almost a complete success of subcontracting and designing. This topic is trending right now and a lot of people are talking about it, hence the mixed feelings and points of view that everyone is having.

PHwins5million fraport

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