President warns more bombings likely

Davao City Sept. 2 2016

President Duterte has warned more blasts could hit the country due to “retaliation” against his government cabinet, a week after a bombing killed around 14 people and injured over 60 others in his home of Davao City

Arriving in Davao City after his first international trip as president, Duterte told reporters on Saturday that it was all too early to talk publicly about any leads that are being pursued in relation to the September 2nd attack.

Duterte was quoted saying. “I guarantee you that there will be a day of reckoning. So watch out,”

Duterte didn’t mention a specific group involved in the deadly attack. But after the blast, he ordered the army to carry out a major operation in the Sulu province, sending around 7,000 troops to a province long known as a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf armed forces.

Senior government officials earlier had blamed Abu Sayyaf, an armed group that has pledged loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIS), for the Davao City blast.

The Philippine navy had imposed a blockade to stop fighters from slipping out of the notoriously porous southern border next to Malaysia and Indonesia.

An ongoing military operation has killed at least 32 fighters and left more than a dozen government soldiers dead.


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