President to VP: The Truth Will Set People Free

Prompted for a comment with regards to the involvement of Vice President Jejomar Binay in the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Parking Building, the President noted that the truth will set people free. The comment was made during a recent visit to Davao City, wherein the President spoke in front of more than 500 members of the Philippine Business for Social Progress.

Aquino not Involving Himself

While there are investigations on their way with regards to the accusations made against the VP, Aquino said that he would rather keep himself distant. He reiterated how the probe should be left as the job of the Senate and that he is no longer willing to be involved. The President also acknowledged how he does not have personal knowledge of any allegations being thrown against Binay and his family, claiming he is only being updated with the developments of the case through media coverage.

For many people, Aquino distancing himself from the investigation is pretty much anticipated. It can be recalled that the families of Aquino and Binay are very close with each other, which was even given emphasis by the President during his State of the Nation Address in July. In spite of beliefs that the relationship between the two most powerful men of the country has been already strained, such as through disagreement in some issues of national concern, Binay claims he is still in a good relationship with Aquino.

Continuous Allegations Against Binay

Binay critics are still actively seeking for evidences in order to have the VP pressed on the allegations earlier made. Aside from the ongoing probe from the Senate, plunder case has been already filed not only against the VP, but also against his son, Makati Mayor Erwin “Junjun” Binay.

While there are people who are requesting for the appearance of VP Binay before the Senate, which he repeatedly refused in the past, Buhay Party List Representative Lito Atienza and Albay Governor Joey Salceda wanted something more serious – and that is filing an impeachment case. Proponents of the impeachment case believe that this will be helpful in terms of being able to provide a proper forum at which the case can be dealt with, considering the fact that the VP won’t appear during the Senate inquiries.

Impeachment raps against Binay have been called because of the accusation of his family that the current investigation is politically-motivated, especially because those pressing them are Senators Cayetano and Trillanes, both eyed as being the possible contenders of Binay in the 2016 presidential elections.

In the latest from the Senate hearings, more allegations have been made against VP Binay, such as getting as much as 13% from all the contracts awarded from the infrastructure projects of the city. As expected, however, Binay denied getting kickbacks from any of the projects, and once again reiterated that political motives were behind all of it.

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