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Palace Expresses Support for PNP Chief

Amidst the controversies confronting PNP Director General Alan Purisima, the President still has his trust in him, according to a statement made by the Palace. After appearing to the Senate, while many people have asserted his testimony to be full of lies, Malacanang has noted how they see it as being truthful.

According to Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, Purisima has been engaged in rigorous efforts to fight gambling, kidnapping, and other crimes, which can be also asserted as the reason on why there are some groups who are out to destroy not only Purisima, but the reputation of PNP as a whole.

Purisima Staying as PNP Director General

Backed with the support from the Palace, Purisima expresses how he does not intend to quit from his post. This is in spite of the calls for him to take a leave of absence, to resign, or to file for an early retirement in order to spare the institution from further humiliation with all the issues being hurled against it.

According to Senator Francis Escudero, because Purisima would not voluntary resign from his position, the only thing that could force him out of the PNP is if the President decides to have him replaced. However, this is far from happening as the President has already repeatedly expressed his support for Purisima and in his trust with him to lead the PNP in the midst of these graft and plunder charges.

Purisima and Questionable Friendships

With all of the controversies, questionable friendships have emerged, other than that of the President and Purisima. For instance, during the Senate inquiry, it was revealed how some of the big-hearted friends of the PNP chief have donated an accumulated amount of 11 million pesos for the construction of his official residence, which has been earlier scrutinized because of being luxurious and expensive. He was also caught saying how he was given a very huge discount for the purchase of a luxury SUV. Most recently, he also revealed how a concerned friend has lend him an expensive bulletproof vehicle to use, which explains why it was not officially declared as one of his assets.

Representative Rodolfo Albano of Isabela has also expressed his support for Purisima, noting how it is impossible for people to blame Purisima for having many friends. He added as well how it is not an illegal act to be generous to your friends.

Some members of the Senate, on the other hand, as well as the Civil Service Commission, believe how these friendships can lead into doubts and more questions. Being an individual who is engaged in the provision of public services, one is advised to veer away from the acceptance of gifts, including huge discounts, with the assertion that the one who gave such may ask for big favors in the future. This is going to be a separate issue the Senate will most probably tackle in deep as the investigations progress.

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