Newest Corruption Rap Against VP Binay, 15-Million Peso Cabin

The allegations of corruption against VP Binay are far from over. Almost every day, the cases are developing in significant ways, seeming to have pressed him even more with the surfacing of new allegations. One of the newest corruption charges against him deals with his supposed ownership of a posh log cabin with an estimated worth of 15 million pesos. The said property, just like in the case of other alleged hidden wealth, were not declared as part of his assets upon being sworn into office.


Redwood Type Cabin in Tagaytay Highlands

Ernesto Mercado, former Vice Mayor of Makati, was the one who made the revelation. It can be remembered that early on, Mercado was also behind the accusation that Binay owned a 350-hectare agricultural estate in the province of Batangas. Mercado is expected to make a testimony in front of the Senate to provide further clarification on the issue.


Documentary Evidence

When asked about what proof he has to claim that Binay is indeed the legitimate owner of the cabin being questioned, Mercado was quick to reply that he has documents that will serve as solid evidence. One of the documents obtained showed a reservation letter written on January 31, 1997. It was affixed with the signature of Belinda S. Lim-Herrera, who was then the Vice President for the Corporate Development division of Belle Corp., the property developer of the expensive Tagaytay Highlands.

Part of the documents obtained also provided details of the value of the property and how they are supposed to be paid. 20% of the actual purchase price, or 3.2 million pesos is to be paid upon having the reservation agreement signed. More so, 5% or 780,000 is supposed to be paid every 15th of the month from March 4, 1997 until the day balance due has been completely paid.


No Records From Developer

Belle Corp., through Willy Ocier, verified the records they have in their system and revealed that they do not seem to have a reservation letter matching what has been earlier exposed. Ocier added that the document presented seems like a record of a private transaction, which may basically explain why it is not found in the records of Belle Corp. While Ocier has emphasized that they do not have a cabin under the name of Binay, he also reiterated their policies to protect the privacy of their members, which is why they cannot disclose information on who is the real owner of the cabin being questioned.

The political spokesperson of Binay, Gov. Jonvic Remulla has denied the new allegations by Mercado and insisting that it is again another case being politically-motivated to tarnish the image of Binay, who remains to be a top choice amongst surveys for the presidency elections in 2016. Remulla also noted that what Mercado has is nothing but a billing statement and will not prove ownership in any way.

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