Is President Duterte the Trump of the East?

With all the turmoil going on with our current president, Duterte, as well as the U.S. Presidential elections, we can see many reasons why the world is considering Duterte to be the “Trumo of the East”. While United States propoganda may make this term seem like a bad thing, there are many ways this is actually good.

First of all, Rodrigo Duterte is a man who puts the safety of his people first and foremost. He is a “no-nonsense” type of guy. This is definitely comparable to Trump’s New York “no-nonsense” attitude. To go along with this attitude, both men are not afraid to go past these invisible boundaries that have been seemingly formed. Being “politically correct” is neither of their worries, rather they are very blunt and straight forward with their thoughts and ideas, even though some may find their words harsh at face value.

Both Duterte and Trump are men of actions, not words. Like Trump has created many jobs for American citizens, Duterte has first shown his success in maintaining Davao city as one of the safest places in the world. This characteristic is surely an admirable one as many people are people of words and not action. In fact, more commonly we’ll find leaders who have many promises that are not followed through which can cause a lot of disappointment and turmoil in a country.

While there are surely some similarities between the two and their political approach, obviously they are different men. Duterte is our president and we are proud. Trump is running for United States presidency and we can only worry about what our own country is going through. The best is to focus on our president Duterte and what he has in store for us. His success in Davao is only a glimpse of what he can behold for the entire country of The Philippines.

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