Is Ferdinand Marcos the worst President of the Philippines?

I didn’t answer immediately on this kind of question because I want to read some replies on other answerer concerning this kind of issues and concerns, they has good views about it and gather enough information to back up their post according to the mirror and shadow they face before and now. 

But, is really Ferdinand Marcos the worst President of the Philippines, then I would say “NO”, still I will pick Gloria Arroyo that broke the history of it, Ferdinand Marcos on second and put Joseph “Erap” Estrada as third in the line. 

So hard to think and so difficult to gather necessary things if I will put my facts on solid views and vision that will follow up my basis, but during Martial Law the most abusive people is the military itself and Ferdinand Marcos has no proper knowledge on the wrong doings of some higher officials did, those human abuse, salvaging, apprehending, accusations and many things is secretly done due to military power, that even a low rank in the line, shows no mercy on some civilians and my eyes been able to witness it. 

Imelda Marcos acts on his own motives and interest and she has her own men that will follow her command, did Ferdinand Marcos aware about some things she do, I may say “NO”, because what’s important to her is her own purposes only, but during that time, the only corrupt in the line is the President that is under the saya of Imelda Marcos, some unusual things been done through the command of his first lady, but such time is the start up of financial debt that Bataan Nuclear Plant been build up, but such project is useless and government spending millions of pesos to maintain it and still paying the interest of money spend in it. 

But, didn’t some people knows that the internal and external debt of the country during the term of Gloria Arroyo had been triple, especially on some known banks outside the country, she overspend the travel expenses and up to now such had not been liquidated, crimes and salvaging been rise and most suspects on it are the military itself through the efforts of General Palparan, election cheating, projects and government establishments control, questionable money spending, cash advances on some government institutions and the worst thing is, CORRUPTION are very horrible that even the SK Chairman or Kagawad stole the money that is meant for some important projects, but such amount is just small things compare to the cover up that happening everywhere, I still remember when the time that the congressman in our place, he is just at middle class if we speak about his life, but now, she own some ship that worth millions of pesos, a questionable things that runs on our minds, knowing he has no business at all. 

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