A High Trust Rating for Our President Rodrigo Duterte

During only his first three months in office as the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte’s rating of trust is sure and steady when it comes to the Social Weather Stations survey. With an average net trust rating of +76 in the survey taken from Sept. 24th to 27th, this was taken out of 1,200 surveyors all around. Up to 83 percent of these people have admitted to having a lot of trust in Duterte and the remaining were either undecided or have little trust in him. This is an obvious win in Duterte’s favor and what more proof do we need that he is doing the right thing for our country?

With the approval of our own people, Duterte has quite an excellent rating of trust in our country. According to the Social Weather Stations themselves, anything that is above a +70 trust rating is quite excellent which is even lower than what Duterte scored! For only starting his presidency quite recently in June, this is a huge deal.

Surely there has been a lot of turmoil and controversy regarding our president Rodrigo Duterte and the way he chooses to run his presidency. Without a doubt the Philippines has a louder voice than ever and our relationship with the United States may be very well at an end depending on how the U.S. presidential elections end up.

The absolute most controversial thing about Duterte’s presidency, aside from the remarkable things that come out of his mouth, has to be the way he is dealing with illegal drug dealers and users in our country. Yes, it is true that thousands have died, but to be fair he has made a huge statement and has even offered to those who come forward a chance to rehabilitate and become a part of our society once more. Besides, the positive trust rating our president has scored has a lot to say for his presidency.

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