Duterte to Ban Public Smoking in the Philippines

As we all know, Duterte’s ultimate plan is to fight the drug problem in our country. With his large campaign against illegal drugs which has a very straight forward and no-nonsense approach, we are pretty surprised to hear that he is considering banning the use of a legal drug in public – tobacco.

While to some of us, this may be very surprising, we are all aware of the measures Duterte is willing to go to protect our country. We all know he has talked many times of slaughtering the drug dealers and addicts of our country. Surely we must not focus on those words and take it at such face value, but we must also think about what this means – a safer and better Philippines.

The health secretary, Paulyn Ubial, said that hopefully Duterte will be signing an order that will ban public smoking by the very end of October. This will not only ban public smoking, but will also require health warnings that are graphic on any tobacco products as well as soon as November 4th. With a new and smoke-free environment, this would bring smoking to only designated smoking areas. This includes regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars as well as pipes.

The whole reason for this to be passed is so that non-smokers are not unwillingly exposed to smoke against their will. Now this is actually quite a reasonable proposition. This concept being successful in the city of Davao is said to only be because of how strictly the government monitored this with the help of police forces. No wonder this is spreading into his aggressive anti-drug campaign.

While surely a lot of people will be outraged by a public smoking ban, this doesn’t mean it is entirely not allowed. Like we said, there will then be designated areas for smokers. But we will have to see how this turns out later this month.

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