Duterte Announces Significant Bounty On Police Force

Manila, Aug. 29 2016

President Duterte is looking to take down any and all members of the Philippine Police Force who are actively participating in corrupt endeavors. Specifically, Duterte is after Policeman that are aiding and helping the drug trade within the country. Duterte hopes that an extremely aggressive approach will help the country get ahead on their battle against the drug trade in the country. This announcement has made its way across all of the high profile Philippine news channels.

How does he plan to do this? In a speech, Duterte announced that he will be offering a bounty of 2 million Philippine Pesos, which translates roughly to $43,000 USD. This amount is a hefty price to give out. The president hopes that a bounty like this will do two things: It will motivate the citizens of the country to look for and turn in any suspicious activity by the police force, and discourage active members of the police force to continue aiding the drug trade.

During the announcement, the president stated that he will be as harsh as he can possibly be and that he will end the war that his country has been battling against corruption and drugs once and for all. Duterte is currently in his first year as the leader of the country after serving 22 years as the Mayor of Davao City. He was originally elected thanks in part from his campaign that was specifically targeted towards fighting and ending the drug and crime problems that have been an issue for the country for decades.
So far, he is 6 months in and it is looking like he is taking serious steps in following through with his promises with this announcement of the bounty.

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