Different Ways to Abolish Corruption in the Philippines

Corruption is a problem that has been continuously haunting Philippine politics. From the president down to even ordinary police officers, a lot are being dragged into the issue of corruption. Because of this, numerous groups have been calling for different moves for the purpose of being able to abolish corruption from the system. Even those who are into the political arena are executing the necessary measures to filter out corrupt people from government offices.


Abolishment of PDAF

The Priority Development Assistance Fund, or also known as PDAF, is a lump sum amount that is given to lawmakers, which they will have the freedom to spend based on projects that they prioritized. This becomes the source of corruption because of the failure to itemize the exact expenses, as well as the birth of dummy organizations being declared as beneficiaries of such. Because of this, a lot of people pushed through for its removal, which has happened already. Nonetheless, many would still not want to be over-confident, with the fear that PDAF still exists and it is just hidden in a different name.


Establishment of Honesty Teams

With the involvement of the men and women in uniform, honesty teams have been revitalized, with the main goal of being able to fight corruption in the PNP. It is an internal cleansing campaign, which has been established eight years ago and being brought back to life now to spare the department from further controversies. The main goal of these teams include being able to intensify actions to monitor illegal activities of corrupt policemen, especially those that have been reported in social media and by various media outfits.


Lifestyle Checks

This is another solution that is being pushed for the purpose of removing corruption in the government. There has been calls that the BIR should not only focus on evaluating businesses, but also politicians. It is not enough that government officials submit their statement of assets and liabilities. Instead, they must be also assessed annually by a team of experts who will look closely into their assets and financial transactions, including those that are possibly intentionally hidden.


Improved Electoral System

In some cases, corrupt officials are able to assume office not because they are voted, but because they have committed electoral fraud. This is the reason why there should be also better election policies, including possible prohibition of building a political dynasty. There should be also stringent policies in place to punish those who will be caught receiving money in exchange for their votes so that politicians will not be encouraged to do so as part of their dirty tactics to win.


Implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill

Once the FOI is enacted, citizens will have the right to gain access to government records. In the same way, government officials will be required to provide the documents or information required from them within 15 days. This is expected to be helpful for the purpose of being able to improve transparency. More so, this will also provide citizens with the ability to see where the money they are paying for taxes are being directed.


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