Comparing Duterte to Hitler – What Does it Mean?

If you have heard lately, the international pageant contestant that came from the Philippines has created an entire controversy by simply making the comparison between our president Rodrigo Duterte and Hitler. The woman is Imelda Bautista Schweigart and she is in competition to be crowned the Miss Earth 2016 during all this outrage she has been causing from her statement. She did actually denounce his war on drugs and the 21-year old herself said so in a Facebook Live video chat that Duterte is “doing Hitler stuff here in the Philippines”. Now what can we expect from a young and ignorant woman? Not much…

Ever since she has made the statement, she has been put down again and again by the Philippines for her disrespectful outburst. Being a representative of the entire country by running for the Miss Earth 2016 crown is a big thing. Even if you do not agree with everything that may be going on under President Duterte, you should surely pay all respects to your own country. Duterte cares about the safety of his people and we know that. This is why we have the utmost respect for him.

In the light of this, she did apologize recently with her appearance with Budinsky. She said that she supports Duterte and that she didn’t really mean what she said. She also mentioned that she had seen headlines and admitted she was not at all educated on the entire situation. This definitely shows the importance of straying away from misleading headlines that we see so often from countries like the United States.

To be fair though, Duterte himself has made the comparison of himself to Hitler. He said himself that he would be more than happy to slaughter all the drug addicts in the Philippines. Now we can take this at face value, or we can realize that what he is doing for our country is for the betterment of everyone.

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