Binay, Trillanes To Hold One-on-One Debate

In the recent weeks, the media has been abuzz with new allegations of corruption against Binay, one after the other. While there are many personalities who have been actively persecuting the Vice President for allegations of being a corrupt official, one who has been most visible is Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a known critic of Binay. Because of this, the VP has challenged the latter for a debate to know who is actually telling the truth. Trillanes, meanwhile, graciously accepted the challenge.


Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) To Organize

According to Herman Basbano, the Vice President of KBP, the debate is most likely going to happen within the first week of November, provided that things will sail smoothly. According to the allies of Binay, on the other hand, they requested the debate to be held at the Philippine International Convention Center in November 10. The verbal encounter is believed to be a no-hold barred event, which is why it is also expected that the media will be in a clamor to have live coverage of the event.


The Advantage of Binay

While Trillanes has accepted the challenge with confidence, in a press statement, he noted how Binay will have an advantage over him. The decades of practice of Binay as a lawyer is most probably going to give him the ability to outdo Trillanes on the debate. The senator, on the other hand, assured the public that we will not let his lack of debate experience come on the way. This is in spite of his repeated statement with regards to how it is going to be a mismatch, given the political and professional background of the Vice President.


Binay Expected to Cancel

While Trillanes has admitted to the advantage of Binay over him, he also noted how he expects the camp of Binay to cancel the much-awaited event. He is expecting them to find a desperate way to back out from the debate because of the fear that it may lead into more questions rather than being able to provide clarifications on all the current corruption raps against Binay.


Issues to be Tackled


Based on political analysts, it is expected that the debate is going to be very personal and will deal with issues even from way back. It is anticipated that Trillanes will question the family of Binay and everything they have allegedly done to amass the wealth they have to date. Binay, on the other hand, is going to question the reputation of Trillanes, especially the fact that even his fellow soldiers have one lost trust on him.

Regardless of whatever will be tackled by the two parties, this is expected to be a big circus and will make the media enthusiastic. More so, it is the Filipino people who are most excited as they will be able to finally have a forum to address the issue, given the repeated denial of VP Binay to attend Senate inquiry.

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