Binay and Getting Through First Graft Rap

According to Vice President Binay, all of the allegations being pressed against him today are old stories that have been fabricated overtime. The Vice President claims that he has already given sufficient explanations in the past, reiterating how in as early as 1988, he has been already dealing with these allegations but continuously proven his innocence.


A Look at His First Corruption Charge


In January 4, 1988, which happens to be four days prior to the staging of local elections, the Commission on Audit (COA) has formed a task force with the goal of being able to investigate a variety of transactions in the past year to prove or disprove the corruption woes being faced by Binay. Some of the allegations that have been looked upon during that time include overpricing in materials for constructions, compensating ghost workers, being involved in questionable biddings, fake signatures, and illegal expenses.


According to the conclusion of the study initiated by COA that time, there were questionable transactions and a solid basis to continue the raps against Binay.


One of the cases that opened up during the said investigation was that of Marissa Chan, who was leading the Makati Social Services that time. According to allegations, Chan has been involved in suspicious pricing of Christmas giveaways and donations for calamity victims. She was also accused of spending too much on gatherings organized by the City Hall, such as Christmas and Halloween parties.


After a while, however, Chan has turned her back against her former boss and decided to tell the true story behind the issue. In an affidavit submitted in April 1992, she reiterated that all of the illegal reimbursements she got were used for funding the bid of Binay to the mayoralty race in 1988. She added that there were cash donations initially stated as to be given for victims of fire, when in fact, they were used to finance rallies meant to endorse the candidacy of Binay. As expected, Binay was firm in denying all of these allegations.


Case with the Ombudsman


Aside from the investigations of COA, a case has already been filed before the Office of the Ombudsman. The filing of the case has been spearheaded by then councilor Roberto Brillante. The subject of the complaint is the spending of 137.7 million pesos illegally, as well as obvious violations of electoral laws. Conrado Vasquez, former Ombudsman, ordered COA to go deeper into the case but the progress has been minimal.


Revival of the Case


In what seems to be a demonstration of slow development, in 1994, Ombudsman Vasquez has decided to again open the investigation. Binay, on the other hand, noted how this is already a violation of his right to due process, citing that the timing for the revival of the graft cases was dubious. In 2001, when the Ombudsman was headed by Aniano Desierto, the cases against Binay have been withdrawn, vindicating him from all of the allegations.

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