Award won for the anti-corruption project

PH wins in London:


Some people view this situation as an example of them wrongly using funds that belonged to the public but more people are seeing this event as a way that London showed recognition for the Philippines and as a result it was a major step towards ending the fight on corruption globally. Just recently there was an open government partnership summit that was held, or otherwise known as an OGP, it was here where a COA or a Commission on Audit that is joint won the Bright Spots award for their project in civil society that was on auditing the government’s performance and more.

The whole process seemed to have happened without any issues and it was great to see how their inspiration was mainly about the kids and how you can see that they grew up in a country that they could be proud to home in. All that has happened and all of the improvements are possible because of people who spend their lives doing development work. There are thousands and thousands of people do this every day and more and more join each and every year.

There were more than one thousand people at this show, some were from the category of business and others were from the category of civil society. There were more than sixty two different countries in which participated in the voting of this award show and they all agreed on a commonality of how there was a weakness in the mechanisms of accountability and that was one of the main things that was being focused on being fixed.

In situations like this it is rather hard for citizens and governments to work together; accountability is not always there hence things can be very transparent. With this situation it was known as the citizen participatory audit and it was a combination of aspects. In other words it was an audit project that was done to change a larger amount of beneficiaries. This is what made the Philippines stand out so much in the first place and because this also allowed other countries to complete social audits of their own and these ones were done independently by the help of civil society groups.

This project created a lot of stress and took several years in the making to even get off the ground. In order for this project to get off of its feet several groups of people needed to come together and they needed to work together. These included the departments of public works and the highways flood control people in navotas, malaon, Valenzuela city and Caloocan. Waste management from quezons city was involved as well as the department of education that dealt with the partnership of private schools and public schools. There is also the department of cash transferring and the social welfare department. All of these companies combined are what made the advancement in the country possible, and it benefitted so many people, places and things.

 PHwins anti corruption project


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