Are We “Breaking Up” With America?

The drama between our president Rodrigo Duterte and the United States is a real and big thing. For a long time now, our country has been allied with the U.S. and upon the arrival of our new President, Duterte, things have seemingly taken quite a different narrative and especially as the U.S. presidential elections come closer and closer.

From going as far as calling Barack Obama a “son of a bitch” and being compared to Donald Trump, the turmoil from all of this is having us all wonder, what is going to happen with our relationship with the United States? Duterte himself has been quoted saying that he will “break up with America” while responding to Washington’s refusal to sell weapons to the Philippines. This was noted in his speeches throughout Manila which have been happening daily.

While it definitely seems like our relationship with the United States can’t get much worse, it’s only normal to expect their propaganda that will try to portray Duterte’s methods of keeping our country safe as out of control. Who cares if he has a reputation of being the leader of one of the safest and beautiful cities in the world, right? Wrong, Duterte is a man of action while Obama is a man of words. This is where the chemistry does not work and now Duterte is getting quite sick of the U.S. ways.

However, if somehow Trump could win the United States’ presidential election, the potential for our relationship with the U.S to improve goes up by a huge milestone. It has been noted many times that Duterte and Trump show some big similarities and this could surely prove beneficial for both countries if some new negotiations are made. No matter what though, it is of utmost importance to determine the new stance between the United States and our country of the Philippines because it definitely is not the same.

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