Advocating a Wise Voting Population in 2016

With almost two years before the 2016 national elections, many candidates are assumed to be starting with their premature campaigns. In the same way, it is also believed that there are already different movements to tarnish the reputation of the top candidates for the presidency. With all of these, there have been calls from different groups to urge voters to be a wise as possible when it comes to choosing the names to be inked on their ballots.


Former Senior Government Officials

One of the groups behind the calls for voting wisely in 2016 is the Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO). As the name implies, its members are formerly officials of the government in key positions. According to the group, people should not be easily swayed by campaigns made by candidates. In the same way, the group has also urged voters to not easily believe the supposed plot against top candidates. While there are corruption charges against different political personalities, the voting public should wait for the investigation to progress to know who are really liable for the various political fiascos.

Meanwhile, the group has also made accolades to the change in citizenry in today’s time, noting how people are being more active for the pursuit of the truth. They do not easily believe any issue being raised but they carefully weigh both sides to make a well-informed judgment. They also praised organized citizenry, which is characterized by the non-ending pursuit towards transparency in the government to make the accused culpable if it is proven that they have abused their powers in one way or another.

They were also quick to give credit to the whistleblowers who are coming out to shed truth to the many lies in the political arena. In spite of the dangers of going public and making things known, the whistleblowers had the courage to make things recognized by the whole country. Their courage is very notable amidst the possible prosecution throughout the process. Aside from the whistleblowers, the group has also credited the media for their valuable contribution through responsible reporting. Many of the media practitioners go beyond what they are expected to do in search for the truth and for the possibility of having it shared to a wider audience who have the right to know the truth.


Aquino Not Seeking Second Term

President Aquino has also recently made a statement ending speculations on the possible extension of his term. He ended all doubts amongst his critics by saying that he is no longer interested in pursuing another six years in the presidency. The President also revealed that he believe the extension of his stay in the Palace is not the best solution to sustain the economic gains the country has realized in the past years. Amidst this, however, he has called upon the voting public to be more responsible with the candidates they will choose. He made it clear that people should think very carefully to weight their choices and to be not easily persuaded by the hottest issues of today.

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